Temperature Scanner

Jenkins Independent School recently implemented yet another measure in an attempt to keep all students, parents, and staff as safe as possible during these difficult times.  The district purchased the device pictured above.  The device allows for hands free temperature monitoring.  You simply walk up to the device, align your image with the profile on the screen, and it takes and records your temperature using infrared thermal imaging.  It will then give a green light and verbally announce if your temperature is at a safe level.  If your temperature is not at a safe level, then a red light will shine and an alarm will sound. The device will even remind you that you should be wearing a mask, should you attempt to take your temperature without wearing one. Once networked, the device can log the date, time, temperature, and identity of each and every person that enters the building.  The district has purchased one of these units for each of its buildings.  The unit is at the main entrances and we ask that everyone that enters the building please use the device before going any further.  This device has the potential to help with contract tracing if the need should ever arrive.  We will be using this device during sporting events and during school when school begins in person again.  Every student will check their temperature with this device each morning before entering the building.